Harvard Sports Park In Irvine, CA



These fields are always in top shape, no matter the season.   I played soccer and baseball here as a kid, played softball there as an adult, and now my kids play soccer here, and this place is still in tip top shape.    The people who maintain this place do a great job.      To be honest, if you’re considering joining any kind of adult rec league, or a kids league, the City of Irvine does a great job at keeping their fields clean, well groomed, and playable.

Back In Time / Lion Country Safari

This place was great! You could actually drive your car all over this park in Irvine and see Lions, Hippos etc….. All kinds of wild animals in an enclosed area of Irvine Hills.  But, the park had some accidents and the city of Irvine also wanted the land back for housing.  Before that happened, a popular water park was on the the land as well.  Wild Rivers! That also disappeared.  Now it’s mostly homes built on a historical site.  Anyway, go on a jog or a hike and see if you can find any ruins of Irvine’s past.




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Oak Creek, Irvine is a beautiful open landscape and suburban community fit for any family seeking a safe and quiet atmosphere. Like the rest of Irvine, this neighborhood provides you with your shopping essentials. . Whether you%u2019re looking for a bank or just need to buy some groceries, driving down Jeffery will provide a number of options. A community thriving with culture and diversity, the residents here are kind and well mannered. It%u2019s no surprise that a safe and secure area will bring residents who appreciate safety and security more than others. I can%u2019t say enough about this place. This area is gorgeous. Located near Laguna and Newport Beach, the weather is always cool and breezy. The only complaint on this area is the high rent and real estate. Ultimately, you get what you pay for.